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Measures to prevent atopic dermatitis should be carried out even before the birth of a child - in the antenatal period (antenatal prophylaxis) and continue in the first year of life (postnatal prophylaxis).

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In the early postnatal period, it is necessary to try to avoid excessive drug therapy, early artificial feeding, which lead to stimulation of immunoglobulin synthesis. A strict diet applies not only to the child, but also to the breastfeeding mother. If there is a risk factor for atopic dermatitis, proper skin care of the newborn, normalization of the gastrointestinal tract is necessary. secondary prevention. In all cases, the anti-relapse program for atopic dermatitis should be built taking into account factors similar to those in rehabilitation: medication, physical, mental, professional and social. The share of each aspect of secondary prevention is not the same in different phases of tamoxifen pills. The prevention program should be drawn up taking into account a comprehensive assessment of the patient's condition and continuity with previous treatment.

Antenatal prophylaxis should be carried out together with the allergist, doctors of the gynecological department and the children's clinic.

Significantly increase the risk of nolvadex an allergic disease, high antigenic loads (toxicosis of pregnant women, massive drug therapy for a pregnant woman, exposure to professional allergens, one-sided carbohydrate nutrition, abuse of obligate food allergens, etc.).


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Patients should be warned about the need to comply with preventive measures that exclude the impact of provoking factors (biological, physical, chemical, mental), about observing a preventive elimination-hypoallergenic diet, etc. The preventive pharmacotherapy proposed and tested by us with the use of nolvadex drugs (zaditen, ketotifen, intal) is effective. Their prophylactic (preventive) appointment during periods of expected exacerbation of blood pressure (spring, autumn) with long 3-month courses helps prevent relapses.


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With staged anti-relapse therapy of atopic dermatitis, sanatorium treatment is recommended in the Crimea, on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus and the Mediterranean. Social adaptation,professional aspects, psychotherapy and auto-training are also of great importance. An important role is given to cooperation between the patient or his parents and the attending physician. Conversations should be held about the nature of the disease, allergens that cause exacerbations, possible complications, the addition of respiratory allergies, the need to prevent exacerbations, and much more. In general, these activities are carried out in the form of special training programs (trainings).


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Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common and severe allergic diseases, and the most common allergic skin lesion. Statistics indicate that the incidence of atopic dermatitis exceeds 12% (that is, out of 100 people, 12 suffer from atopic dermatitis). Despite the huge progress made in this area in recent years, the treatment of atopic dermatitis is a rather complex problem and requires the joint work of the doctor, the patient and his family members.

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Correction of identified concomitant diseases, as well as the leading pathogenetic mechanisms, is an important part of anti-relapse treatment.